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Winter 2016 [PDF230KB]

Summer 2016 [PDF 288KB]

Spring 2015

Winter 2015

  • Christchurch researchers take on global antibiotic-resistance threat
  • Nurse studying health professionals' quake experiences
  • Empowering sick children by asking their opinion
  • Nurse helps families with disabled members look to the future
  • Award-winning Māori curriculum adapted for nurses
  • Helping people live better with chronic diseases
  • Professor retiring from Christchurch Health and Development Study

Autumn 2015

  • Freemasons researcher focuses on predicting future heart attacks
  • Transforming orthopaedic surgery at Christchurch's medical technology hub
  • Bioengineering students have big futures
  • New head of Psychological Medicine
  • Life-saving collaboration between medicine and engineering
  • MARS project working on human-sized scanner
  • Christchurch is a breast cancer research hub
  • Christchurch Professor's long-standing relationship with Nepal

Summer 2015

  • Summer student finds highest IBD rates in the world
  • Cutting-edge Parkinson's disease research
  • Christchurch campus' pivotal role in medical training
  • Christchurch study improves Hep C treatment globally
  • Self-destructing cells research could improve cancer treatment
  • Minimising the impact of bipolar disease

Spring 2014

  • Medical students educate on sexual health
  • Cancer funding makes huge difference
  • The breast cancer genetic puzzle
  • Next generation joint replacements being developed
  • Government backs world-first 3D scanner
  • Veteran staff member retiring
  • Health research funding for heart failure project
  • Cantabrians lead the way in infectious disease research

Winter 2014

  • Young doctor wants to contribute to advances in medicine
  • Community's important role in earthquake resilience
  • Christchurch geneticists get access to tiny, super DNA tester
  • Crucial funding welcomed
  • Technology aids health professionals' learning
  • Exciting start for new Canterbury Medical Research Foundation boss

Autumn 2014

  • Searching for ways to ease children's pain
  • Christchurch heart disease test proven to save lives
  • Clinical research centre celebrates milestone – and success, thanks to you
  • Global partnership for ground-breaking research group
  • Maori focus in Christchurch medical education

Summer 2014

  • Orthopaedic Surgeon Tackling Weighty Issue
  • New Heart Treatment Trialled
  • Easing Symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Bugs and Bowel Cancer
  • New Head of Postgraduate Nursing Centre

Spring 2013

  • Medical professionals act up – in a positive way
  • More women injured in quakes
  • Recovering from food addiction
  • Public Health head practises health living
  • Māori Institute's innovation awarded
  • Legionnaires' disease more common than once thought
  • Improving the treatment and experience for dialysis patients
  • Chlorine bleach key in disease?

June 2013

  • Teaching - Lecturer sings for his students
  • People - A musician and medical educator
  • Awards - Practical help for kidney patients
  • Research - HRC funds practical Christchurch research

May 2011

  • Awards - Heartening research into genes
  • Research - Kiwifruit better than supplements
  • Teaching - Students praised in quake wake
  • People - Luthiery great stress relief
  • People - New Chair in Public Health

December 2010

  • Research - Study helps smokers stub it out
  • Teaching - Professionalism critical part of medical education
  • People - New Head of Department for Medicine
  • Awards - Distinguished Research Medal
  • Innovations - New X-Ray machine could save lives

September 2009

  • Canterbury Study Into Health and Aging
  • Grafton bridge Suicide Research Proves Barrier's Effectiveness
  • New Findings on Serious Heart Disease
  • Young Scientist Investigates Cause of Heart Disease and Diabetes

February 2009

  • Defective Gene Puts Middle-aged Males at Risk
  • Distinguished Research Medal Awarded to Christchurch Cardiologist
  • Volunteers Keen to Learn About Research Studies
  • How White Blood Cells Beat Bacterial Infection

August 2008

  • Health Impacts of Winter Air Pollution
  • Thick Melanoma: The Problem Continues
  • Progress in Developing New and Faster TB Breath Test

February 2008

  • Needle in a Haystack. Tracking Down Rare Conditions.
  • Young Adults in Denial About Alcohol Abuse
  • Record Grants for Health Research
  • Top International Research Ratings

August 2007

  • International Collaboration Benefits Cancer Research
  • Caesarians and Post-natal Depression
  • Dr Rebecca Roberts: Distinguished Research Scientist
  • Beating Bowel Cancer by Computer

February 2007

  • Drink and depression: Is simultaneous therapy the answer?
  • Resistin, obesity and surviving heart attack
  • Investigating the role bleach plays in combating infections.

August 2006

  • Participants Needed for NZ's Biggest MS Study
  • Testing Breath for Severe Lung Infections
  • Unravelling the Role of Hormones in Heart Failure
  • Compounds from Vegetables Attack Cancer Cells

February 2006

  • Suicide Prevention is Working
  • How Should Doctors Dress?
  • Domestic Violence and Mental Health
  • The Net of Discovery

August 2005

  • Investigating Links between Genes and Medication
  • Health Research Open Day
  • Researching the Impact of Free Radicals and Disease
  • New Results on Antibiotic Resistance in the Community

January 2005

  • New Questions about Virus Risk and Breast Cancer
  • Funding Boost from Canterbury Medical Research Foundation
  • Eye Movements Help Understanding of Brain Injury
  • Youth Depression and Bipolar Disorder

June 2004

  • A Career in Medicial Research
  • New Complementary and Alternative Medicine Website
  • Children's Cancer Research
  • Improving Treatment for Breast Cancer

August 2003

  • Medical Research and the Christchurch Community
  • Open Day at the School .... Latest Research
  • How Genetics Help Determine the Best Medication
  • The Changing Face of Medical Research

December 2003

  • Volunteers Wanted
  • New Professor will benefit Mothers and Unborn Babies
  • Health Research Council Boost Medical Research
  • Researching our Most Common Cancer
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