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MB ChB DipObst(Otago) PhD(Otago) FRACP

Department of Nephrology
Christchurch Hospital
Private Bag 4710
New Zealand


Current Roles

  • Nephrologist
  • Senior Clinical Lecturer,CSM
  • Intern Supervisor, Christchurch Hospital

Research Interests

  • Cardiovascular risk factors in chronic renal failure
  • Dialysis hypertension
  • Left ventricular hypertrophy in renal disease
  • Homocysteine metabolism in chronic renal failure

Top 10 Publications

  • McGregor DO, Buttimore AL, Lynn KL, Yandle TG, Nicholls MG. The Effects of Long and Short Hemodialysis on Endothelial Function: A short-term Study. Kidney International 2003; 63: 709-715
  • Lynn KL, McGregor DO, Moesburgen T, Buttimore AL, Wells JE. Hypertension as a determinant of survival on home dialysis. Kidney International 2002; 62: 2281-2287
  • McGregor DO, Dellow WJ, Robson RA, Lever M, George PM, Chambers ST. Betaine supplementation decreases postmethionine hyperhomocysteinemia in chronic renal failure. Kidney International 2002: 61; 1040-1046
  • McGregor DO, Dellow WJ, Lever M, George PM, Robson RA, Chambers ST. Dimethylglycine accumulates in uremia and predicts elevated plasma homocysteine concentrations. Kidney International 2001; 59: 2267-2272
  • McGregor DO, Troughton RW, Lynn KL, Frampton C, Yandle TG, Nicholls MG, Richards AM. Hypotensive and natriuretic actions of adrenomedullin in subjects with chronic renal impairment. Hypertension 2001; 37: 1279-1284
  • McGregor DO, Buttimore AL, Lynn KL, Nicholls MG, Jardine D. A comparative study of blood pressure control with short in-center versus long home hemodialysis. Blood Purification 2001; 19: 293-300
  • McGregor DO, Olsson C, Lynn KL. Autonomic dysfunction and ambulatory blood pressure in renal transplant recipients. Transplantation 2001; 71: 1277-1281
  • McGregor DO, Shand B, Lynn KL. A controlled trial of the effects of folate on homocysteine, lipids and hemorheology in end-stage renal disease. Nephron 2000; 85:215-220
  • McGregor DO, Buttimore AL, Nicholls MG, Lynn KL. Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring in patients receiving long-slow home haemodialysis. Nephrol Dial Transplant 1999;14: 2676-2679
  • McGregor DO, Bailey RR. Stable renal function after remission of nephrotic-range proteinuria in Type-1 diabetics treated with an ACE inhibitor. Nephron 1997; 76: 270-275
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