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Undergraduate education

Staff provide a range of medical attachments to ensure that students develop the clinical skills necessary to take an accurate history and examination from patients, and learn the role of basic investigations.

For more about studying medicine at Otago:

Postgraduate programmes

The Department contributes to a number of the postgraduate programmes in the School, including the Master of Health Sciences papers in Gerontology. A number of PhD students are enrolled in the Department at any one time.


The Department of Medicine hosts some of the most productive researchers in the University. The Cardioendocrine Research Group is the major programme within the Department. The Director of this Group, Professor Mark Richards, has an international reputation for work in the field of cardioendocrinology. Professor Richards is currently the Professor in Cardiovascular Studies in a post funded by the National Heart Foundation.

Other major research groups include the Clinical Pharmacology Research Program (Professor Evan Begg) and the Christchurch Movements Disorders and Brain Research Group (Director Richard Jones).

Further research programmes

Further research programmes are being carried out at Christchurch Hospital in the Departments of:

  • Neurology
  • Oncology
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