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MB ChB(Dist)(Otago) FRACP Physician/ Geriatrician


Older Persons Health
Burwood Hospital
Private Bag 4709
Christchurch 8140
New Zealand

Current Roles

  • Geriatrician, Older Persons Health, Burwood Hospital, Te Whatu Ora/ Health NZ – Waitaha
  • Clinical Senior Lecturer in Medicine

Research Interests

  • Stroke Rehabilitation and stroke services
  • Intracerebral haemorrhageNutrition in Older People
  • Falls
  • Frailty concepts
  • Service delivery and community care of Older People
  • Appropriate prescribing and deprescribing

Top 10 Publications

    1. Hanger HC. Low Impact Flooring: Does it reduce fall related injuries?  J Am Med Dir Assoc 2017 ;18: 588-591. (accessed 16/3/17)
    2. Fu V, Weatherall M, McPherson K Taylor W, McRae A, Thomson T, Gommans J, Green G, Harwood M, Ranta A, Hanger HC, Riley J, McNaughton H, Taking Charge after stroke: a randomised controlled trial of a person-centred intervention of self-directed rehabilitation intervention. Int J Stroke 2020 (published online)
    3. Hanger HC, Geddes JAA, Wilkinson TJ, Lee M, Baker AE. Warfarin related intracerebral haemorrhage - better outcomes when reversal includes prothrombin complex concentrates Int Med J 2013;43(3):308-316
    4. Nishtala P, Gnjidic D, Jamieson H, Hanger HC, Kaluarachchi C, Hilmer S. “Real-world” haemorrhagic rates for warfarin and dabigatran using population-level data in New Zealand. International Journal of Cardiology 2016;203:746-752.
    5. Saywell NL, Vandal AC, Mudge S, Hale L, Brown P, Feigin V, Hanger HC, Taylor D. Telerehabilitation after stroke using readily available technology: A randomized controlled trial.  Neurorehabilitation and Neurorepair (First published online16/11/2020 )
    6. Mee H, Hanger HC, Wilkinson TJ, Beharry J, T Wu. Anticoagulant-related intracranial haemorrhage: time to anticoagulant reversal improving but still slower than thrombolysis for ischaemic stroke. NZ Med J  2021;134 (1529): Feb 5.
    7. Hanger HC, Wilkinson TJ, Fayez-Iskander N, Sainsbury R. The Risk of Recurrent Stroke after Intracerebral Haemorrhage. J Neurol Neurosurg Psych 2007; 78 836-840.
    8. Hanger HC, Whitewood P, Brown G, Ball MC, Harper J, Cox R, Sainsbury R. A Randomised Controlled trial of Strapping the Shoulder to Prevent Post Stroke Shoulder Pain. Clin Rehabil 2000;14: 370-80.
    9. Hanger HC, Ball MC, Wood LA. An Analysis of Falls in Hospital: Can We Do Without Bedrails? J Am Ger Soc 1999:47:529-531
    10. Hanger HC, B Fogarty, T J Wilkinson, R Sainsbury. Stroke Patients' Views on Stroke Outcomes: Death versus Disability. Clin Rehabil 2000; 14: 417-24.


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McNaughton, H., Weatherall, M., McPherson, K., Fu, V., Taylor, W. J., McRae, A., Thomson, T., … Harwood, M., Ranta, A., Hanger, C., & Riley, J. (2021). The effect of the Take Charge intervention on mood, motivation, activation and risk factor management: Analysis of secondary data from the Taking Charge after Stroke (TaCAS) trial. Clinical Rehabilitation, 35(7), 1021-1031. doi: 10.1177/0269215521993648

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