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Hwei Min Ng 2021 imagePhD candidate

Hwei Min Ng is a New Zealand Registered Dietitian and a PhD student at the Department of Medicine, under the supervision of Professor Richard Gearry, Professor Nicole Roy, Dr Catherine Wall, and Dr Simone Bayer.

Hwei is committed to advancing knowledge in the field of dietary fibre, gut health and overall mental wellbeing among adults.

Her PhD research focuses on two pivotal projects conducted as part of the High-Value Nutrition National Science Challenge Digestive Health Priority Research Programme: Kiwifruit Ingestion to Normalise Gut Symptoms (KINGS) and Bread Related Effect on MicrobiAl Distribution (BREAD) studies. Both projects aim to unravel the intricate relationship between fibre foods and their profound effects on gut health, mental health and general well-being among adults.

Drawing upon her academic background as a registered dietitian, Hwei brings a unique blend of clinical expertise and scientific rigor to her research endeavours. As she collaborates with leading experts in the field and continues to explore the intricacies of dietary fibre and gut health, Hwei hopes her work will inspire better insights and pave the way for evidence-based dietary interventions, fostering healthier lives and well-being for everyone

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