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MB ChB teaching in Orthopaedics

The Department teaches the 5th-year medical students in eight-week attachments in association with Otolaryngology, Ophthalmology, and Urology under the Orthopaedics and Advanced Surgery Module (OAS).

OAS is a clinically orientated programme with each student learning about musculoskeletal conditions from patient exposure.

During the eight-week rotation the students are timetabled to structured tutorials, outpatient clinics, operative sessions and acute on call.

Trainee intern teaching in Orthopaedics

We provide an Orthopaedic Surgery Lecture Series to the Trainee Interns (6th-year medical students) based on practical issues such as the diagnosis and management of fractures, including complications, application of plasters and aspiration and injection of joints.

Each trainee intern allocated to the Department is attached to a team or an individual surgeon. This team or surgeon is responsible for their development during the module.

The main strength of the current trainee intern teaching programme is the one on one exposure to a single orthopaedic surgeon within outpatient and operating theatre environment.

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