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Tuesday 28 August 2018 9:17am

Winner of this year's Health Research Society of Canterbury's Poster Expo is our very own Jessika Wise.

The August event was open to all Canterbury health researchers who were invited to display recently presented or new research posters.

“I decided to enter because I'm a member of the society and also because the evening is a great way to meet other researchers and students from Canterbury, while communicating my own research”, says Ms Wise.

Wise's winning poster “The development of a 3D breast cancer-adipocyte model for studying tumour microenvironment” covered the first part of her PhD and was first seen at the MedTech in Christchurch meeting which she attended in December last year.

Wise aims to develop a more physiologically relevant three-dimensional breast cancer model employing 3D printing and incorporating breast cancer cells as well as adipocytes. The 3D co-culture model will be useful for investigating interactions between the cancers cells and adipocytes as well as for testing novel therapeutics.

The MacKenzie Cancer Research Group and the Christchurch Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering (CReaTE) Research Group jointly support Wise in her studies.

Jessika Wise receiving her Rutherford Poster Prize from Professor Martin Kennedy and HRSC Chair, Associate Professor Margaret Currie
Jessika Wise receiving her Rutherford Poster Prize from Professor Kennedy and HRSC Chair, Margaret Currie.

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