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Undergraduate study (MB ChB)

Undergraduate Medical Students are exposed to Paediatrics, Paediatric Surgery and Child Health in 5th and 6th years of their medical course.

5th year of MB ChB

During the 5th year of medical programme there is a 4 week attachment to Paediatrics where students gain exposure and experience in child development, newborn health, acute paediatric medicine and surgery, and the chronic nature children's illnesses, particularly developmental disorders and cancer.

6th year of MB ChB

In the 6th year of medical training (the trainee intern year) there is a 4 week rotation in Neonatal Medicine, Paediatrics and Paediatric Surgery.

The focus in this year is gaining additional clinical experience with hands on practical involvement in the management of infants in both neonatal intensive care and the paediatric ward and outpatients.

Postgraduate study

Postgraduate Diploma in Child Health (DCH)

The Postgraduate Diploma in Child Health (DCH) comprises two papers, CHHE 701 and CHHE 702.

The two papers CANNOT be taken concurrently. It is recommended that students enrol for CHHE 701 immediately before or after completing CHHE 702, although students may spread this out over two years.

Students must be employed in clinical Paediatrics for at least six months to be accepted into CHHE 702.

Twenty-five per cent of the work is in community child health issues (including visiting and writing up all the local community resources for children) and 75 per cent in clinical issues in paediatrics.

The course can be taken from any approved hospital in New Zealand, and is partly funded by the Clinical Training Agency.

More information about the Postgraduate Diploma in Child Health (DCH) – CHHE 701, CHHE 702

Master of Medical Science (MMedSc), Doctor of Medicine (MD), and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

All these postgraduate degrees are offered through the department in areas of research interests of departmental members.

Postgraduate fellowships – scholarships are available within the department for those who wish to spend one or two or more full-time years in paediatric research leading to one of these degrees.

More information about the Master of Medical Science (MMedSc)

Further information

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