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  • Dr Elizabeth Plumridge
  • Prof Jane Chetwynd
  • Ms Catherine Healey
  • Ms Anna Reed


To understand how safer sex practices are achieved in commercial sex, twenty Christchurch women will be interviewed at intervals during the first year after their entry into sex work to identify their strategies and difficulties in practising safer sex. A survey amongst a representative sample of workers will then explore the prevalence of these safer sex strategies and practices and experiences of coercion.


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  • Plumridge EW and Abel G. A 'segmented' sex industry in New Zealand: sexual and personal safety of female sex workers. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health 25(1) 78-83, 2001.
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Technical report

  • Plumridge L and Abel G. Safer sex in the Christchurch sex industry. Report, Department of Public Health and General Practice, Christchurch School of Medicine and Health Sciences 2000.
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