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Each year the University of Otago, Christchurch hosts a Summer Studentship programme that is made up of a number of research projects.


Anna Rumbold

Topic: Experiences of the Master of Nursing Science programme and transition to practice
Supervisors: Associate Professor Lee Thompson, Associate Professor Philippa Seaton

Emilie Roberts

Topic: Distractions in the operating theatre
Supervisors: Spencer Beasley, Dr Phil Hider


Jimi McMillian

Topic: Evaluation of a postgraduate online learning forum
Supervisor: Christina McKerchar


Emma Jeffs

Topic: The epidemiology of listeriosis in pregnant women and infants in New Zealand
Supervisors: Dr Tony Walls, Dr Cheryl Brunton and Dr Jonathan Williman

Jane Reeves

Topic: Meeting cultural competency learning needs of general practice reception staff
Supervisors: Associate Professor Gillian Abel

Hannah Sim

Topic: Samoan, New Zealand and Nepalese medical student perspectives, attitudes and idas arising from the Global Health Classroom (GHCR)
Supervisors: Dr Andrew Miller, Mr Roshit Bothara, Faumuina Associate Professor Tai Sopoaga, Dr Malama Tafunai, Dr Ashis Shrestha, Mrs Jen Desrosiers, Professor David Murdoch, Dr Susan Jack, Professor Tim Wilkinson, Dr Tony Walls, Associate Professor Philip Pattemore


Kitty Dunkley

Topic: Healthcare provider perceptions, knowledge and comfort with sexual and gender diversity
Supervisor: Mrs Jen Desrosiers

Roshit Bothara

Topic: “Virtual” socialisation and case-discussion between linked medical student groups in Nepal-NZ and Samoa-NZ during collaborative global health learning – Why and How?
Supervisors: Dr Andrew Miller, Dr Susan Jack, Dr Malama Tafunai, Dr Tony Walls, Mrs Jen Desrosiers, Professor David Murdoch, Associate Professor Tai Sopoaga, Dr Ashis Shrestha, Professor Tim Wilkinson

Madeline Weston

Topic: Burwood assessment, screening and education for chronic pain – An evaluation
Supervisor(s) Dr. Lee Thompson, Dr. John Alchin, Bronny Trewin and Jonathan Williman
Sponsors: Graduate Women Canterbury Trust


Anna Brinsdon

Topic: 'I am HIV but I am not a patient': Managing marginalised identities in health interactions.
Supervisors: Gillian Abel, Jen Desrosiers

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