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Decriminalisation: A harm minimisation and human rights approach to regulating sex work.
[PhD thesis] Gillian Abel 2010

Drinking-water quality and gastrointestinal disease in New Zealand.
[PhD thesis] Andrew Ball 2010

Practitioners' perspectives of the barriers to health promotion evaluation.
[MPH dissertation] Cheryl Ford 2010

The importance of culturally appropriate health promotion.
[MPH dissertation] Sarah Kowalczewski 2010

Surveillance of HIV and Hepatitis C prevalence among attendees of needle exchanges throughout New Zealand.
[MPH thesis] Chantal Lauzon 2010

Pandemic preparedness planning in selected New Zealand public hospitals: Are they prepared?
[MPH dissertation] Mark Newsome 2010

The open disclosure of adverse events at Christchurch Hospital: a doctor's perspective.
[MHealSc dissertation] Gillian Pearce 2010

Governance, management and professional influences on infection control in Canterbury Public Hospitals 1978 -2008.
[MPH thesis] Mona Schousboe 2010


Recruitment & retention of midwives within the Canterbury District Health Board.
[MPH dissertation] Laura Aileone 2009

A qualitative study to determine the extent to which the principles of person-job fit are used in the selection of nurses.
[MHealSc dissertation] Gendy Bradford 2009

Accessing after hours care in urban Christchurch: A population based study.
[MPH thesis] Kristi Calder 2009

Understanding success in the Green Prescription Programme: A qualitative investigation into patient perspectives about physical activity.
[MPH thesis] Lil Convery 2009

Finding the offline self in a world online: A phenomenological analysis of massive multiplayer online role playing gaming as a vehicle for adolescent identity.
[MPH dissertation] Lauren Cundall 2009

Knowledge, attitudes & intentions of General Practitioners and Practice Nurses in Christchurch about HPV and HPV vaccines.
[MPH dissertation] Judith Henninger 2009

Based on a true story: Māori registered nurses experiences in the New Zealand health system : a thesis submitted for the degree of Master of Public Health at the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand.
[MPH thesis] Tania Huria 2009

Identifying fuel poverty in New Zealand within a community setting.
[MPH dissertation] Rebecca Kemp 2009

The causes of maxillofacial fractures treated at Christchurch Hospital from 1996-2006.
[MMedSc thesis] Kai H Lee 2009

Journeys through the mental health system : accessing specialist mental health care for children and young people in Christchurch, New Zealand.
[MPH dissertation] Michelle McMillan 2009

Childhood injury surveillance - Methods of surveillance and the information they provide for injury prevention.
[MPH dissertation] Matthew Reid 2009

Cardiovascular risk assessment by community pharmacists. Acceptability for key stakeholders: general practitioners, Primary Health Organisations and consumers.
[MPH thesis] Janine Stevens 2009


Measuring the prevalence of influenza infection in arriving international airline travellers: a pilot study.
[MPH thesis] Alasdair Duncan 2008

Community-based primary health-care initiatives in rural North Canterbury and Northern California, United States: a comparative analysis.
[MPH thesis] Annabel Temple 2008

Methods of prioritization and rationing of health funding undertaken by planning and funding teams of District Health Boards.
[MPH dissertation] Matthew Wood 2008


Attitudes towards voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) for HIV among African migrants and refugees in Christchurch, New Zealand.
[MPH thesis] Gerida Birukila 2007

Exploring young women's understandings of the their first experience of sexual intercourse.
[MPH dissertation] Katharine Matea Brown 2007

Hepatitis B and C in chronic liver disease deaths.
[MPH thesis] Emma Davidson 2007

The context of young people's decision making in early and late sexual initiators.
[MPH dissertation] Kirsty Donaldson 2007

Childhood obesity: do primary schools have a role in prevention?
[MPH dissertation] Niki Newman 2007

The readmission rate as an indicator of the quality of elective surgical inpatient care for the elderly in New Zealand, with respect to policy and health service changes 2000 - 2004.
[MPH dissertation] Juliet Rumball-Smith 2007

The implementation of occupational health and safety in the New Zealand brothel sector since decriminalisation: Perspectives of brothel operators, regulatory officers and the New Zealand Prostitutes' Collective.
[MPH dissertation] Tim Weir 2007

Health literacy concepts in health promotion for disadvantaged groups: a study of selected physical activity and nutrition resources.
[MPH thesis] Martin Witt 2007


Exploring the nursing reality of the sole on-call primary health care rural nurse (PHCRN) interface with secondary care doctors.
[MPHC dissertation] Sharron Armstrong 2006

Factors influencing participation and success in the Healthy Heart Award programme.
[MPH dissertation] Melissa Dowman 2006

Localising health: space, class, gender and the lives of young people.
[PhD thesis] Lisa Fitzgerald 2006

Coercive emergency health powers in New Zealand and proposed legislative reform.
[MPH dissertation] Brendon Gray 2006

Achieving water fluoridation through public policy.
[MPH dissertation] Melanie Penny 2006


A prevalence study of late life depression among attenders at an urban primary care clinic in Christchurch.
[MPH thesis] Annabel Begg 2005

How useful is the Ministry of Health Inpatient Satisfaction Survey?
[MPH dissertation] Kaye Gilhooley 2005

Mentoring in New Zealand midwifery: the liminal journey the midwife makes in the transition to an independent autonomous practitioner.
[MPH thesis] Mary Kensington 2005

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