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PGCertPH students

Sarah Macfarlane thumbnailSarah Macfarlane

As a new mum, Sarah studied part time to complete the Postgraduate Certificate in Public Health whilst on leave from her now part-time Health Promoter role at Community and Public Health.

DPH students

Aaron Hapuku thumbnailAaron Hapuku

Aaron's motivation was his passion for Māori health, Mana Motuhake, and how whānau and communities can be meaningfully empowered to take back their own health and wellbeing on their own terms.

Mereana Latimer thumbnailMereana Latimer

Mereana found the field of Public Health encompassed a number of her interests, and seemed to offer a great number of avenues through which to enact positive change.

Claire MacDonald thumbnailClaire MacDonald

Claire found the balance between study, providing antenatal and postnatal care and being on-call for births a juggle at times, but thoroughly worthwhile.

PGDipHealMgt students

Trudie Scott-Walker thumbnailTrudie Scott-Walker

The Postgraduate Diploma in Health Management offered the perfect mix of health and business papers to meet Trudie's ongoing interests.

Simon Templeton thumbnailSimon Templeton

Simon searched for a qualification that was going to both enhance his knowledge and skills, and also his career opportunities. The PGDipHealMgt ticked both of those boxes.

MPH students

Juliane Brand thumbnailJuliane Brand

Juliane's initial aim was to gain an in-depth understanding of healthcare in New Zealand - she went on to conduct work that is the first of its kind in New Zealand.

Elinor Millar thumbnailElinor Millar

Elinor was was always interested in the big picture. The basic concepts of public health – preventing disease and promoting health – made so much sense to her.

PhD students

Nevil Pierse thumbnailNevil Pierse

With a background in mathematics and statistics, Nevil worked in research for four years both in New Zealand and the UK, before starting a PhD at the University of Otago's Wellington campus.

Lindsay Robertson thumbnailLindsay Robertson

After completing an undergraduate degree in psychology and toying with the idea of becoming a clinical psychologist, Lindsay essentially stumbled into a career in public health.

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