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Zoe Barczyk

Zoe Barczyk (2019)PhD candidate

“I wanted a career where I can help people and make positive change. Psychology and all its insight into human functioning is just so interesting. Even though there has been a lot of hard work involved, it often doesn't really feel like work. A huge part of my study has been learning to think critically, and evaluate and synthesise information, which has been eye-opening and invaluable, both in study and the rest of my life. I stumbled upon the department by accident, but once here, I immediately felt well supported by staff, and was excited by the research I could be involved with.”

Rachel Day-Brown

Rachel Day-Brown (2019) @2xPostgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences endorsed in Mental Health

“I chose the University of Otago, Christchurch because
of its fantastic reputation. I am loving that
I am challenging myself and extending
 my knowledge. I am meeting like-minded people and learning from incredible tutors, professors and researchers, that I have long admired. It is such a privilege. I would advise anyone to study at Otago – the quality of the education is incredible and the atmosphere relaxed and helpful. I was apprehensive at first, as I hadn't studied for 15 years, but
 the whole process was made easy by the informative, friendly staff.”

Nathan Monk

Nathan Monk (2019)PhD candidate

“I am a PhD candidate on the Christchurch Health and Development Study – a world-renowned longitudinal research study. I am researching dynamic psychosocial influences on mental health in adolescence and young adulthood. Doing a PhD has allowed me to throw myself into a project that is guided entirely by my own research interests, but there is always a lot to learn. My supervisors are always friendly and helpful, as are all the department faculty, and I have access to research seminars, skills workshops, and social events. It's all on here!”

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