Clinical Associate ProfessorRoss Kennedy



Research Interests


  • model volatile anaesthetic uptake and distribution
  • effect-site volatile anaesthetic levels needed for various levels of surgical stimulus
  • nitrous oxide kinetic analysis
  • the effect of depth of anaesthesia on long-term outcomes

Current projects

  • Quantifying the effect and variability of neuromuscular blocking drugs on patients undergoing surgery
    Summer Studentship study, thanks to the Anaesthetists' Instrument Pool for funding this study.
  • Retrospective audit of use of blood & blood products during cardiac surgery
  • Degree of recovery from muscle relaxation administration at the completion of cardiac surgery & relationship with time to extubation.
  • Epidural-Related Paraesthesia In Labouring Women
  • The BALANCED Study
  • A comparison of model-based predictions of first response after anaesthesia with observed responses and the influence of hypnosedative drugs not included in the models study – (Accuracy of Predictions for Awakening).
  • IRORA – the Nerve Block Study.
  • The Co-induction Study – Looking at the effect of low dose intravenous premedication (co-induction) on cardiac output and induction of anaesthesia.
  • Peri-operative Analgesic Requirements and Quality of Recovery.
  • The influence of surgery on sevoflurane brain levels and awakening from anaesthesia – The Sevoflurane Wakeup Study.
  • The Effect of Changes in Cardiac Output on Sevoflurane Delivery in the Aisys Anaesthetic Machine Study (COCAD)
  • METS/CPEX Study – Measurement of Exercise Tolerance for Surgery (METS) Study.
  • ISOS – International Surgical Outcomes Study. (Multi-national study, sponsored by the Queen Mary University, London)


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