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Ō mātou tāngata

LCPR group photo

Group Leader

Clinical Researcher

Post-Doctoral Fellows

  • Dr Kenny Chitcholtan – The three dimensional environment of tumours as exhibited by unanchored spheroids.
  • Dr Gloria Evans – The uterine environment that is receptive to a blastocyst at the Window of Implantation.
  • Dr Isha Mutreja – The effects of substrate features on the behaviour of cells.

PhD students

  • Baira Donoeva – Interactions of gold nanoparticles with cancer cells.
  • Tiffany Tan – How cells interact with their physical microenvironment and the effects of mechanical forces exerted by neighbouring cells and the substrate topography.
  • Waafa Hussan - Targeted treatment of ovarian cancer
  • Muthana Majid – How obesity-related adipokines affect endometrial cancer cell activities.
  • Lynn Murray – Influence of substrate topography and materials on behaviour of biological cells.

MSc students

  • Mandy Young – Endometrial cancer and garlic
  • Alex Tino – Three dimensional spheroids of ovarian cancer

Research Nurse

  • Dianne Harker – co-ordinates ethics, patient consent and other matters.
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