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The Department of General Practice is committed to teaching and research that will promote clinical and population health practice in the best interests of patients and the wider community.


We believe that education should be based on the best available evidence for the public interest rather than advertising or promotion for commercial gain.

Therefore, we do not accept any funding for undergraduate or postgraduate education from pharmaceutical companies or other outside institutions either directly or indirectly that may create a conflict of interest in our teaching. This includes lunches or other promotional 'gifts' and hospitality.


We aim to conduct research which will provide sound evidence for rational clinical and population health practice. We believe it is important that such research should be, and be seen to be, impartial.

Our research is free of any funding which may prejudice these goals. We accept no funding for research from pharmaceutical companies or other for-profit organisations either directly or indirectly (as 'unrestricted educational grants' or fellowships) that may create a conflict of interest in our research.

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