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Current research objectives

To meet the current CHDS research objectives as set out in the Health Research Council of New Zealand Programme Grant 16/600, we will use CHDS data to investigate seven major research themes:

  • Alcohol and cannabis use in the CHDS cohort
  • Psychosocial and functional impairment resulting from mental disorders over the life course
  • The long-term psychosocial impact of exposure to maltreatment in childhood
  • The interplay between genes, environment and mental disorders
  • The psychosocial consequences of a major disaster (the Canterbury Earthquakes) in the CHDS cohort
  • Te Ao Māori perspective: the use of He Awa Whiria (a Braided Rivers model) to examine the CHDS data from both Western Science and kaupapa Māori perspectives
  • The development of translational applications of research findings from the CHDS to contribute to policy development, implementation and evaluation

In addition, we will use CHDS data to investigate other lines of research, including:

  • The links between personality traits and adult psychosocial functioning
  • The transitions to menopause for women aged 40
  • Psychosocial factors associated with obesity
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