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Rangahau – Te Whare Waranga ā-Motu


  • Outcomes of co-existing mental health problems in people with alcohol use disorder (Foulds, Sellman, Adamson)
  • The role of antidepressants in treating depression among people who are drinking heavily (Foulds, Sellman)
  • Alcohol-related emergency department attendances: where do people obtain and consume alcohol before coming to ED? (Foulds)
  • Controlled drinking, goal selection, and treatment outcome (Adamson, Sellman)
  • Alcohol (and other drug) law reform (Sellman)


  • Systematic reviews of psychosis and violence outcomes among methamphetamine users (collaboration with Monash University and Curtin University) (Foulds)


  • Screening for Cannabis Misuse: The Cannabis Use Disorders Test-Revised (CUDIT-R) development, revision, translation into different languages, clinical applications (Adamson)


  • Opioid substitution treatment (Adamson, Sellman)

Addictive Behaviours

  • Addictive overeating (Sellman)
  • Pornography addiction (Adamson)
  • Compulsive exercise (Jordan)


  • Antidepressant side effects and their relationship to personality, health anxiety and alcohol use (Foulds, Sellman)
  • Genetic differences in response to addiction pharmacotherapies (Foulds)

Personality and addiction

  • The role of personality variables as a risk factor for substance use disorder (Foulds)
  • Personality as a predictor of treatment outcomes in people with substance use disorder (Foulds, Sellman, Adamson)

Medications and addiction

  • Prevalence of prescribed medication use in people with substance use disorder (Foulds, Sellman)
  • Benefits versus harms of medications in people with substance use disorder (collaboration with Monash University, Victoria) (Foulds)
  • Phentermine prescribing for food addiction and obesity (Sellman)

Mental health and substance use in offender populations

  • New Zealand Forensic Mental Health Research Network (collaboration with Auckland University): identifying unmet need for mental health and addiction treatment among remand prisoners (Foulds)
  • Personality, substance use and offending outcomes (Foulds)

Youth and addiction treatment

  • Youth treatment retention and outcomes (Sellman)
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