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DNA analysis requires

  1. Consent Forms for gene testing and possible research.
  2. 10mls EDTA blood (purple top tube) from patient.
  3. 10mls EDTA blood from both parents.
  4. Consent forms to be signed by legal guardians.
  5. 5 mls blood in Lithium-Heparin tube (green top) to be sent to appropriate cytogenetic laboratory for chromosome or FISH analysis.
  6. Legal guardians to receive appropriate genetic counselling on implications of DNA testing.
  7. Tumour sample to be frozen immediately in liquid nitrogen. The tumour must be carefully dissected without blood or normal tissue contamination. Care must also be given to avoiding tumour material contaminating the optic nerve before histological analysis.

Once removed the tumour is placed in a cryo-vial, which is then immediately placed in liquid nitrogen.

After snap freezing the sample can then be stored at -80°C or in dry ice.

The vial can then be shipped in dry ice on an overnight delivery to the sample delivery address.

Sample delivery address

Dr Anthony Raizis
Department of Molecular Pathology
c/o Canterbury Health Laboratories
43 St Asaph St

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