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IT Support Services provides support for information technology (IT), audiovisual (AV), and telephone communications to University of Otago, Christchurch staff and students.

Our goals

To ensure that staff and students are able to work effectively by providing them with:

  • A reliable computing platform
  • Timely and effective support when needed
  • Audiovisual support for teaching sessions and meetings
  • Efficient management of telephone lines

Core activities

Reliable computing platform

  • End-user (desktop / laptop) computer hardware lifecycle management
    • Hardware Procurement (standardised models wherever possible)
    • Electrical safety testing of hardware coming into UOC
    • Installation, allocation to staff or thesis students as appropriate
    • Repair or replacement of faulty hardware
    • Disposal of end-of-life hardware
  • Provide and maintain managed staff desktop environment
  • Maintain security patching & antivirus updates on managed staff & student lab computers
  • Server hardware lifecycle management
  • Network management
    • Liaise with ITS Networking / Property Services / CDHB to activate or deactivate network outlets and request installations of new outlets.

User support

  • Helpdesk service for staff and student IT support
  • Provide and maintain a student computer lab facility
  • Arranging software training sessions
  • Perform server backups for disaster recovery situations
  • Software licensing management including procurement & record keeping for compliance

Audiovisual and lecture theatre support

  • Setup AV equipment in lecture theatres / seminar rooms / teaching rooms before meetings or teaching sessions
  • Video conferencing using multiple systems in multiple locations


  • Multiple phone systems depending on location (CDHB PABX, University of Otago PABX, regular Spark phone lines)
  • Landline and mobile phones

Further information

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