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Keeping up with the latest literature: How Ovid and the library can help

For many researchers and health professionals, staying up to date with the latest research can be challenging. A service offered by Ovid, Auto Alert SDI (Selected Dissemination of Information), can help you keep up to date with your area of interest.

Auto Alert SDIs are free and available to all members of the medical library!

How does an Auto Alert SDI work?

An Auto Alert SDI is a saved search strategy that runs automatically each time the database is updated - once set up you don't have to do a thing. Searches can be saved in any database. Ovid delivers the most recently added citations and abstracts that match your search to your desktop via e-mail, free and automatically, each time the database is updated.

Who can set up an Auto Alert SDI?

Any full member of the Canterbury Medical Library can setup an Auto Alert SDI.

How can I set up an Auto Alert SDI?

  1. Perform a search in the database of your choice, using appropriate search terms and limits.
    Note: It is not necessary to limit to latest update
  2. Click on the Save Search History button beneath the search history table on the main search page. The save current search screen will appear.
  3. Select Auto Alert (SDI) Service from the 3 options.
  4. Fill in the following details:
    • Name - enter a short title for your search and comment (comments are optional).
    • Enter your full e-mail address into the recipient's e-mail address box. If you want you can also change the subject line, this is optional.
    • Select the options you want from the output format section. Note: if you will be entering the references into a reference management programme, select the Reprint/Medlars output format.
  5. Click on Save search.
  6. You can run, display, edit, or delete saved searches at any time. Click on the Run Saved Search button from the main search screen. From the Run a Search Screen, you have the option to run, display, edit, or delete any saved search.
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