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Any concerns or enquires about PSOC can be sent to the PSOC email account


Laura PSOC committee 2022The president works with the Association Executive to co-ordinate and oversee initiatives undertaken by the Association.

The current President is Laura Veenendaal.



Ayush PSOC committee 2022

The Treasurer is responsible for all aspects of financial management for the Association.

The current Treasurer is Ayush Kumar.



Hwei PSOC committee 2022

The Secretary is responsible for organising the Exectutive's meetings and the PSOC email account.

The current Secretary is Hwei Ng.


Research Representative

Jozef PSOC committee 2022

The Research Representative is responsible for facilitating and informing members of research opportunities.

The current Research Representative is Jozef Crosland.


Social Representative

Melissa PSOC committee 2022

The Social Representative is responsible for organizing and implementing social functions with the help of the Association Executive.

The current Social Representative is Melissa Ishii.


Previous Committee

President: Tess Featherston
Treasurer: Scott Loeffler
Secretary: Grace Borichevsky
Research Rep: Sarah Heath
Social Rep: Gretel Major

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