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Ethical Approval for Research Projects

Human Participants

From 1 July 2012 ethical approval for research projects is now obtained via an online application form on the HDEC website.

Locality Authorisation

Locality authorisation for non-CDHB conducted research at the University of Otago, Christchurch (UOC) campus is obtained by downloading and completing the form (TEM-Interim Locality Authorisation 9 Aug2012.doc) from Index of Forms/Clinical Research The Memo on this website also describes the process and contact details for each campus locality authoriser.

Does your research involve the CDHB?

You must seek approval to do research which involves the CDHB. New project registration is required before locality can be requested.
Complete the New Project Registration form required.

What if your study does not meet the criteria for HDEC review?

There are a number of types of studies that used to require review by an HDEC, but which no longer meet the new criteria for HDEC review. These include, for instance studies conducted for the purposes of an educational qualification at Master's level or lower and a number of low risk non-intervention studies (eg. many qualitative studies involving non-vulnerable populations). Regardless of HDEC's criteria however, your research still requires ethics review.

If HDEC review is not an option, then you will need to submit an application for ethical review to the University of Otago Human Ethics Committee. Submissions to this Ethics Committee currently requires at least one of the applicants to be an academic staff member of the University of Otago.

Animal Ethics Committee

The Research Office is not involved in the Ethics approval process, but can provide application forms and guidelines on request.

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