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A postgraduate research opportunity at the University of Otago.


Close date
Friday, 14 June 2019
Academic background
Health Sciences
Host campus
Pathology and Biomedical Science (Christchurch)
Professor Anthony Butler, Dr Aamir Raja


The department has a range of radiology projects from basic imaging science to clinical studies. The department also hosts the bioengineering lab with projects in mechatronics, radiological software systems, and x-ray detector systems.

A major theme in the department is the development of 3D spectral x-ray imaging. As part of the project we are studying the underlying imaging technology such as energy selective photon processing detectors, construction of scanners, image recovery and computed tomography routines, image enhancement and material decomposition. The department uses small-bore scanners for this research and is in the development phase of building a human capable scanner for clinical trials

Topics related to

  • Spectral imaging (MARS imaging)
  • Spectral imaging of breast and ovarian cancer cell models in vivo with nanoparticles and possible drug targets
  • Fracture risk assessment and treatment monitoring of osteoporosis using MARS.
  • Cardiovascular and atheroma Imaging
  • Image reconstruction
  • X-ray detector physics and scanner design
  • X-ray dosimetry
  • Medical data visualisation
  • Virtual Reality in Medicine
  • Computer Aided Diagnosis and Image Processing
  • MRI, Computed Tomography, and Ultrasound


Dr Aamir Raja

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