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Bachelor of Arts

Classics is the study of the civilisations of ancient Greece, Rome, and the Mediterranean – civilisations that have had an immense influence on the development of the modern world.

While the study aims to understand these ancient Mediterranean societies and appreciate what they achieved in historical terms, Classics students are challenged to confront the major problems and questions that ancient people faced, ultimately breaking down to the whole meaning and purpose of life.

By doing a BA in Classics you will develop your awareness of language, your insight into literature and art, your understanding of history and politics, your knowledge of religion and mythology, and your appreciation of ethical and social issues. You will also develop a range of transferable skills highly sought by employers.

Recent Classics graduates have made careers in New Zealand and overseas in school and university teaching, archaeology, museums, art galleries, tourism, university administration, the civil service, trade and industry, social welfare, local government, computing, law, insurance, librarianship, bookselling, publishing, and the media.

All students are welcome to study Classics, Greek, and Latin at Otago. No prior knowledge or qualifications are needed.

Study Classics at Otago
For information about the subject, career opportunities, internships and suggested degree plans.

Papers offered by the Classics Programme

Classics as a major subject for the BA

It would be an advantage to do two papers of GREK or LATN as well as CLAS papers in your first year, as this increases your range of options for subsequent years. Or you could consider doing three CLAS papers in your first year, which will give you a good broad foundation for more advanced work.

BA majoring in Classics – programme requirements

Classics as a minor or subsidiary subject for the BA

Classics is also an ideal subsidiary subject for the BA degree, with links to many other subjects.

Minor subject requirements

Further information

Questions concerning undergraduate study should be directed to:

Dr Dan Osland
Undergraduate Academic Subject Adviser (Classics)

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