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Terms of Reference

To identify and facilitate the development of University policies in relation to health and safety matters, for approval by the Vice-Chancellor;

To provide a forum for discussion of occupational health and safety matters leading to policy development and advice, including employee and union representation;

To receive quarterly reports from the University Health and Safety Manager on accidents/incidents and health and safety issues;

To perform the ACC Partnership Programme self assessment requirement in preparation for the external ACC audit;

To receive reports from employee representatives on safety issues and health and safety compliance within Divisions;

To liaise with the Hazardous Substances and Radiation Committee, the Institutional Biological Safety Committee, the Animal Ethics Committee , the University of Otago Human Ethics Committee and the University of Otago Human Ethics Committee (Health) as appropriate; and

To report to the Health & Safety and Ethics Compliance Committee.


  • Head, Health and Safety Compliance (Convenor)
  • Secretary – ACC/H&S Administrator
  • Health and Safety Advisor
  • Occupational Health Nurse
  • University Laboratory Manager
  • Laboratory H&S Advisor
  • Biological Compliance Officer
  • Property Services Health and Safety Adviser
  • A student member nominated by the Students' Association
  • Director of Student Services or nominee
  • Inter-Union Council Representative (as per Employee Participation Agreement Nov 2003)
  • H&S Representative
  • DHSO representatives from each Academic Division and two DHSO representatives from the Service Divisions
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