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The functions, duties and powers of the Council are prescribed in the Educationand Training Act 2020, sections 280, 281 and 283. These include:

  • to appoint a Chief Executive (Vice-Chancellor) in accordance with the Public Service Act 2020, and to monitor and evaluate the Chief Executive's performance
  • to prepare and submit a proposed plan; to ensure that the institution is managed in accordance with that plan; and to determine policies to implement that plan
  • to determine, subject to the Public Service Act 2020, the policies of the institution in relation to the management of its affairs
  • to undertake planning relating to the institution's long-term strategic direction
  • to strive to ensure that the university attains the highest standards of excellence in education, training and research
  • to acknowledge the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi (the Treaty of Waitangi)
  • to encourage the greatest possible participation by the communities served by the university so as to maximise the educational potential of all members of those communities with particular emphasis on those groups in those communities that are under-represented among the students of the university
  • to ensure that the university does not discriminate unfairly against any person
  • to ensure that the university operates in a financially responsible manner that ensures the efficient use of resources and maintains the university's long-term viability
  • to ensure that proper standards of integrity, conduct, and concern for the public interest and the well-being of students attending the institution are maintained
  • to provide courses of study, admit students and grant awards
  • to prescribe fees payable by students
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