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  1. Apply online through eVision
  2. Choose Diploma for Graduates as the programme or qualification
  3. Then choose either to specialise in a major subject (i.e. the endorsed DipGrad) or to have no specialisation (no endorsement).

Before your admission to the DipGrad programme can be approved, there will need to be a discussion (usually by email) about

  • Your previous study
  • Your goals
  • When you wish to commence your study
  • Whether you wish to study full-time or part-time
  • The papers you would like to include in your DipGrad

Armed with the above information, a Student Adviser will consult the relevant department(s). The outcome should be a programme of study that will meet your study goals, satisfy the departmental requirements and satisfy the DipGrad regulations.

DipGrad students do not select their own papers online the way students doing Bachelor's degrees do. This is because a DipGrad student follows a programme of study adapted to his or her personal background and goals. Once a programme of study has been agreed upon, you will send you an offer via eVision. (In the case of international students, the offer is sent by the International Office.)

After you accept the offer, a Student Adviser will arrange to have your papers for the next enrolment period added on your behalf.

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