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"PSYC4.*" Papers

Paper code Year Title Points Teaching period
PSYC401 2020 Behaviour Analysis 10 points First Semester
PSYC402 2020 Assessment in Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology 10 points First Semester
PSYC403 2020 Adult Psychopathology 10 points First Semester
PSYC404 2020 Assessment in Clinical Psychology Practice 10 points Second Semester
PSYC405 2020 Clinical Neuropsychology 10 points Second Semester
PSYC406 2020 Foundations of Clinical Intervention 10 points Second Semester
PSYC421 2020 Advanced Research Methods 10 points First Semester
PSYC422 2020 Contemporary Issues in Psychology 10 points Second Semester
PSYC423 2020 Advanced Topics in Health Psychology 10 points First Semester
PSYC424 2020 Contexts of Development 10 points Not offered in 2020
PSYC425 2020 Advanced Topics in Behaviour Analysis 10 points Second Semester
PSYC426 2020 Social Cognition 10 points Second Semester
PSYC427 2020 Topical Issues in Child Development 10 points Not offered, expected to be offered in 2021
PSYC428 2020 Culture and Development 10 points Second Semester
PSYC429 2020 Advanced Methods in Cognitive Neuroscience 10 points First Semester
PSYC430 2020 Synaptic Plasticity Mechanisms 10 points First Semester
PSYC431 2020 History and Theory of Drug Use and Abuse 10 points Not offered in 2020
PSYC432 2020 Special Topic: Social and Affective Neuroscience 10 points Second Semester
PSYC433 2020 Advanced Theoretical Topic 10 points First Semester, Second Semester
PSYC434 2020 Advanced Quantitative Methods 10 points Second Semester
PSYC435 2020 Developmental Psychopathology 10 points First Semester
PSYC436 2020 Topical Issues in Adolescent Behaviour 10 points Second Semester
PSYC437 2020 Cognitive Neuroscience Seminar 10 points Second Semester
PSYC438 2020 Nervous System Plasticity in Health and Disease 10 points Not offered in 2020
PSYC439 2020 Neurobiology and Behavioural Effects of Drugs 10 points Second Semester
PSYC490 2020 Dissertation 40 points Full Year, 1st Non standard period
PSYC495 2020 Master's Thesis Preparation 40 points Full Year, 1st Non standard period