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Study Food and Agriculture at Otago

Why people eat what they eat.

Consumers are becoming increasingly demanding in what they choose to eat: low-carb, vitamin-enriched, fat-free, organic, sustainably-produced, isotonic, carbon-neutral, fortified, genetically-modified, healthy… and then there’s flavour, safety and affordability. Finding out what people in different markets around the world want, and how to produce it and get it there in top condition is a real challenge for food producers.

That’s where  food and agriculture scientists come in. Their goal is to help turn product ideas into reality. Food and Agriculture students learn about the technical, socio-economic and psychological factors influencing food choice, food production, the subtle art of advertising, food labelling and the regulatory environment.

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Food and Agriculture is a postgraduate study option at Otago. At undergraduate level, Otago offers the Food Science and Agricultural Innovation major study options:

Study Food Science at Otago

Study Agricultural Innovation at Otago

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Why study Food and Agriculture?

Food and Agriculture gives you the opportunity to work with food and people. You'll study how people make food choices, bringing together elements from many different subjects.

You can make a contribution to the fast moving and dynamic food industry and will gain an understanding of the marketing that helps to sell a product.

Career opportunities

Food and Agriculture encompasses many different subjects and applications, and that's reflected in the breadth of job opportunities. Our graduates frequently find employment before they have even completed their final year at university. You could end up working for a national or international food company specialising in dairy, confectionery, brewing, fruit and vegetables, seafood or any other foodstuff.

Graduates go into research institutes, for example, Plant and Food Research, or government agencies such as the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI). There are exciting career options in food quality management, food promotion, sensory analysis, teaching, marketing, consumer research and the hospitality industry.

Food and Agriculture at Otago

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