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Sport, Exercise and Health at Otago


The significance of Sport, Exercise and Health as a broad academic field of study has increased markedly in the last couple of decades. For example:

  • Sport is recognised as a vehicle for innumerable social goals including improvements in health and education, social integration and reductions in crime and deviancy, and international relations and diplomacy.
  • Many commentators are describing the lack of exercise amongst humans (or physical inactivity) as the greatest threat to global health in the 21st century.
  • Sport has a major economic impact on the New Zealand economy and is a significant social and cultural component of New Zealand society. The sport and recreation sector contributes more than $5.2 billion to GDP (gross domestic product) or 2.8 per cent and employs more than 50,000 people.

The Bachelor of Science with Honours (BSc(Hons)), Postgraduate Diploma in Science (PGDipSci) and Master of Science (MSc) in Sport, Exercise and Health are science focused postgraduate qualifications appropriate for students interested primarily in the biophysical sciences and sociocultural contexts that inform human movement and exercise. Students will learn about the important roles that exercise and sport play across the lifespan and how human potential and health can be optimised through exercise science principles. As the qualification is taught by internationally recognised scholars, the teaching and learning will be at the forefront of knowledge, intrinsically linked to the research directions of the academic staff members and the University.

Students will be able to develop a coherent course of study (with input from an academic advisor) by selecting from papers that reflect their subject of interest.


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