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The one thing that everyone who comes to Cumberland has in common is that you're here to study. We want to make sure you have the best possible start to your tertiary studies and that's why we have the Cumberland Academic Programme.

Course-based room allocation

At Cumberland, residents are asked if they wish to be allocated a room near people doing the same course. So for example, if you are studying Health Science and choose this option you can expect to be living near other Health Science students.

By doing this you get to know the people in your course faster and better, can study together (we help start study groups in these areas) and be assured that your area of the college is quieter when tests or assignments are due.

Subject-based tutorials

Cumberland provides a significant number of weekly tutorials in first year subjects. Tutorials are provided based on demand, so you can be sure that first year Health Science, Law and Math papers will all be covered. However, it's not unfamiliar to see a range of other tutorials from Commerce, Arts and Science.

Having trouble with a subject? Come and see us.

Study groups

Hands down one of the best ways to learn is to get together with your peers and study it all together.

We facilitate this by getting the groups going and keeping them motivated to keep up the hard work. People in study groups find learning easier and achieve better grades - make sure you get into one.

Study skills workshops

University education is quite different from secondary school and for most people this takes some adjusting. Study skills workshops are there to help you make that transition and give you a running start for your first year of study.

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