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D4 Network

D4 - Diagnostics, Drugs, Devices and Discovery has a focus on medical and veterinary care and the incubation of new point-of-care technology solutions.

Current healthcare paradigms are increasingly unsustainable and often do not deliver satisfactory outcomes due to a disconnection between patient/animal and doctor/vet. Three inter-related challenges in human and animal healthcare over the next 10-30 years include:

  • Productivity (economic sustainability)
  • Personalisation (point of care solutions); and
  • Priority (equity of access through inexpensive point-of-care technologies)

The D4 network focuses on translational research for improving care via:

  • Creating novel point-of-care diagnostics and devices enabling targeted and selective treatments
  • Developing smart drug delivery systems and devices to improve and optimise therapy
  • Drug discovery for innovative treatments

The interdisciplinary nature, commercial/industrial sector emphasis and strong academic underpinning of bioengineering, pharmaceutical science and drug discovery, rests comfortably within the D4 network, which emphasizes scientific excellence, interdisciplinarity, entrepreneurship and external engagement such as with MedTech CORE and the Consortium of Medical Device Technology.

Management Team contact details can be found under Management or Contact us.

We hold seminars throughout the year and an annual conference each year.

If you wish to join the D4 network, please contact Greg Walker.


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