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Monday 9 November 2015 10:21am

The SJWRI would like to congratulate Darryl Tong, who  is one of seventeen University of Otago academics who have been promoted to full Professor, effective 1 February 2016.

Darryl is a specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery in the Department of Oral Diagnostic and Surgical Sciences, and a Lieutenant Colonel in the New Zealand Army Reserves. He has a wide range of research interests which includes clinical (trauma and military surgery), biomechanical (forensic biology and subconcussion in sports), historical (development of maxillofacial surgery) and development of surgical instruments for commercialisation. His current research includes the quantification of subconcussive forces to the head and how it relates to potential long-term brain injury especially in sports and the martial arts; the development of an anatomical head model (which incorporates a simulant skin, skull and brain) for forensic blunt and ballistic trauma research and war surgery of the head, face and neck relating to operational deployment in areas of conflict, personal protective equipment and lessons learned from military medical history. He is the co-director of the South Island Interdisciplinary Brain Injury Research Group (SIBIRG) and part of the management committee for the Veterans' Health Research Group (University of Otago Research Theme).


Otago academic pays tribute to NZ pioneers of facial surgery (6 May 2015)

Soldier, surgeon, academic - research profile of A/Prof Lt Col Darryl Tong (He Kitenga Impacts, 2014)

At Otago, full professorships are conferred only after a rigorous selection process that thoroughly evaluates academic quality and involves input from international experts. Candidates must have demonstrated records of sustained excellence and outstanding leadership in research, teaching, and service to the University and their external communities.

Announcing the new professorships, Vice-Chancellor Professor Harlene Hayne warmly congratulated the 17 Otago staff on their success.

“These well-earned promotions are going to leading academics from across our Dunedin, Christchurch, and Wellington campuses and clearly reflect the range and depth of world-class scholarship at this university.”

A further 28 University of Otago academics were promoted to Associate Professor, including Vincent Bennani (of the Department of Oral Rehabilitation), Lyndie Foster Page and Geoff Tompkins (both of the Department of Oral Sciences).

Full list of University of Otago professorial promotions (6 Nov 2015)

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