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64 3 479 7124
Honorary Professor
Department of Oral Rehabilitation
Research summary


Nick Chandler is an endodontic specialist at the Faculty of Dentistry. His discipline is concerned with diseases of the dental pulp and their treatment, often involving root canal fillings, a central aspect of his research.

The use of root canal posts made of metals, carbon fibres or tooth-coloured materials to rebuild extensively damaged teeth has been an enduring interest. As well, earlier work on pulp infections, root canal sealers and detecting root ends using radiographs and electronics has been widely cited. Experiments using instruments with cutting tips as small as 0.06 mm produced unique publications.

Nick’s current research uses ultrasound for the diagnosis of dental disease. His PhD considered the laser Doppler blood flow method, proving that pulsatile flow could be detected in diseased molar teeth to give a non-invasive and accurate assessment of pulp health. His work on clinical simulation has led to new models and concepts while investigating student perceptions of teaching, learning and confidence.


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