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Friday 28 February 2020 11:49am

The Edgar Diabetes and Obesity Research Centre held a one-day research symposium at the University of Otago, Wellington, on Friday 20 September, 2019.

From Evidence to Everyday: Translating nutrition research for a healthy Aotearoa

This fascinating lineup of topics explored how nutrition research is interpreted by health professionals, the media, policymakers, the community, and ultimately makes its way into our everyday food choices.

View a video summary of the Evidence to Everyday symposium

As part of the symposium, we hosted a panel discussion on the Cost of Food, chaired by renowned broadcaster Kim Hill.

Listen to the Radio NZ recording of the Cost of Food panel discussion

Watch the symposium presentations

Welcome and opening remarks

History of nutrition research at the University of Otago
Professor Rachael Taylor (Director of EDOR)

History of food and disease in the Pacific – the evidence

Weaving evidence-based nutrition interventions to complement Pacific Islanders' everyday life rhythm
Associate Professor Nia Aitaoto (University of Utah Health)

The phenomena of supersizing and enrichment as revealed in recipes
Emeritus Professor Helen Leach (University of Otago)

Metabolic karma: understanding the lasting legacy of our diet
Professor Merlin Thomas (Monash University)

Translating nutrition evidence: what does the science tell us?

Clarifying the minefield of ever-changing “nutrition advice”
Professor Jim Mann (University of Otago)

Creating the evidence base for nutritional public health interventions: time for
a new paradigm

Professor Nick Wareham (University of Cambridge)

Crossing disciplinary divides: the challenge of collaboration between nutrition and environmental sustainability
Professor Hugh Campbell (University of Otago)

Translating nutrition evidence: from evidence to everyday life

The role of media in translating nutrition evidence
Ms Sarah Boseley (The Guardian)

Truth in an Instagram world: Science, pseudoscience and social media
Ms Niki Bezzant (Food and nutrition writer)

How do and should governments respond to research evidence?
Hon Grant Robertson (Minister of Finance)

Supporting communities with nutrition advice
Associate Professor Matire Harwood (University of Auckland)

Evidence to Everyday in the media

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