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Dunedin Tertiary Information Day

The Dunedin tertiary institutions hold an annual Information Day for visiting school students. This is an opportunity to experience the uniqueness of the Otago campuses, to attend special presentations and tours, and to visit the Residential Colleges.

Hands-On at Otago

Hands-On at Otago, is a week-long university experience open to year 12 or 13 secondary school students. Hands-On at Otago follows on from the highly successful Hands-On Science programme and now includes Humanities and Business projects. Having an impairment is no barrier to participating in this programme. By attending this week, students will gain practical experience in research and university life.

Students who have a disability, impairment or medical condition are studying successfully in all academic areas at the University of Otago, and we want to encourage even more students to consider attending University.

Disability Information and Support at the University of Otago offers a number of scholarships to a maximum of $1,500 each for students who have a disability, impairment or medical condition to assist them in attending Hands-On at Otago. For more information;

Transition Resources

Entry to University

The University of Otago is committed to the principal of equal educational opportunities. If having a disability, impairment, or medical condition has affected your past academic performance, it is recommended that you complete a Disability Impact Statement which will assist the University of Otago with the decision-making process in regards to your eligibility to enrol in your chosen programme.

For additional information, School Liaison Officers are available to provide advice and help with course planning

Full-time or Part-time Study?

The decision whether to study full-time or part-time can be a hard one for any student.

If you're unable to undertake the workload of a full-time course you may still be able to get financial help under limited full-time status. For more information;

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