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Student Profiles: Who are your students?

At the start of any paper it is always very useful to find out a little about your students. This resource is a series of questions that you might like to use as the basis of a questionnaire to help you gather some information about your students' experience, background and expectations.  Gathering your students' responses to these questions will begin the process of getting to know your students, their expectations about their study and the paper, and help you to find out a little about their background and experience. The students will be prompted to think about why they have enrolled for the paper and to clarify their expectations. Building students' self-knowledge is a good step in helping them to prepare for their learning, and knowing this information will inform your teaching.

Student Profile Questions (PDF)

Student Support Email Templates

This resource outlines an easy and quick way to build engagement with distance students and to tell them about the range of information and support resources that are available at the University. Messages do not need to be sent individually to be effective. A "class" message - the same to every student – will do. Although the resource is called "Email support", any technology is okay. Use Blackboard, email, even Facebook to send the messages.

Rationale and sample messages (PDF, 339.9 KB)

Contact the Distance Learning Office - for the full range of support messages.

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