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Clinical Professor of Medicine; Consultant Endocrinologist; Director, Endocrinology Research Group
Department of Medicine (Dunedin)
Research summary
Endocrinology and diabetes.


The Endocrinology Research Group's major focus relates to clinical trials in all areas of endocrinology including diabetes, general endocrinology, and metabolism. A key area of research focus is the link between obesity and insulin resistance.

The group has published widely on the effect of meal composition on postprandial inflammation and is involved in clinical trials in obesity, type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis.

The group consists of Prof Patrick Manning, Dr Wayne Sutherland, Dr Ted Nye, and is assisted by three research nurses (Anne Ryalls, Liz Berry and Gavin Hendry). In addition the group has collaborative projects with other members of the Department of Medicine, as well as other researchers both nationally and internationally.


If you have research interest in clinical endocrinology including diabetes and/or obesity and have either a tertiary science degree or a medical degree then feel free to make contact with Prof Patrick Manning to find out if there are any current research opportunities available within the research group.

Otago Kidney Research


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