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  • Fia Jephson Sandstrom Administrator
  • Dr Hu Zhang Research Collaboration Manager

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  • Professor Simon Stebbings Head of Rheumatology Research Unit
  • Dr Katey Jenks Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Jo Dockerty Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Sarah Jordan Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer
  • Professor Fiona McQueen Honorary Clinical Professor
  • Emeritus Professor John Highton Professor

Sports Medicine

Stroke Medicine

Lecturers and Teaching Fellows

Postgraduate students

PhD students

Taiwo Adebowale
Programme PhD
Topic Can early sleep intervention improve mental and physical health and wellbeing in pre-teens?
Supervisors Rachael Taylor (Medicine), Barbara Galland (Women's and Children's Health), Sarah Fortune (Psychological Medicine), Jill Haszard (Biostatistics)

Obreniokibo Ameisimaka  
Programme PhD
Topic Medication adherence in Inflammatory Bowel Disease patients: New Zealand-wide inter-disciplinary investigation
Supervisors Michael Schultz (Medicine), Rhiannon Braund (New Zealand Pharmacovigilance Centre), Kristina Aluzaite (Medicine)

Sierra Beck
Programme PhD
Topic Clinician Performed Cariothoracic Ultrasound in non-expert users and the impact of Artificial Intelligence.
Supervisors Sean Coffey (Medicine), Megan Anakin (DSM), Gillian Whalley (Medicine)

Bradley Brosnan
Programme PhD
Topic How do electronic devices influence sleep in children?
Supervisors Rachael Taylor (Medicine), Kim Meredith-Jones (Medicine), Barbara Galland (Women's and Children's Health), Jill Haszard (Biostatistics)

Alice Cox
Programme PhD
Topic Eating behaviour and growth in NZ infants
Supervisors Rachael Taylor (Medicine), Anne-louise Heath (Human Nutrition), Jill Haszard (Biostatistics)

Andrew Fordyce
Programme PhD
Topic Improving the diagnosis of patent foramen ovale in cryptogenic stroke
Supervisors Luke Wilson (Medicine), Gillian Whalley (Medicine), Sean Coffey (Medicine)

Chao Gu
Programme PhD
Topic The hour before bedtime: what should kids really be doing
Supervisors Rachael Taylor (Medicine), Kim Meredith-Jones (Medicine), Justine Camp (Medicine), Jill Haszard (Biostatistics)

Elisabeth (Lis) Heath
Programme PhD
Topic Preparing for palliative care: New Zealand medical and nursing graduates' preparation, self-efficacy and attitudes towards providing palliative and end of life care
Supervisors Richard Egan (Preventive and Social Medicine), Jean Ross (External), Ella Iosua (Biostatistics), Rob Walker (Medicine)

Rosalie Jackson
Programme PhD
Topic How does sleep deprivation impact eating behaviours and food cravings in children aged 8-12 years
Supervisors Rachael Taylor (Medicine), Barbara Galland (Women's and Children's Health), Jill Haszard (Biostatistics)

Gemma Laws
Programme PhD
Topic Immune cell activation and function in IBD
Supervisors Michael Schultz (Medicine), Roslyn Kemp (Microbiology and Immunology)

Peter McLeod
Programme PhD
Topic Disease modification in aortic stenosis with targeted antihypertensive therapy
Supervisors Sean Coffey (Medicine), Michael Williams (Medicine)

Mohammed Moharram
Programme PhD
Topic Advanced echocardiographic imaging in ischaemic heart disease
Supervisors Sean Coffey (Medicine), Michael Williams (Medicine)

Matt Moore
Programme PhD
Topic Predicting the rate of progression of aortic valve disease
Supervisors Sean Coffey (Medicine), Greg Jones (Surgical Sciences)

Hamish Osborne
Programme PhD
Topic Optimised detection of cardiac abnormalities in elite athletes using cardiac imaging
Supervisors Gillian Whalley (Medicine), Sean Coffey (Medicine), Lynley Anderson (Bioethics)

Ariel Pons
Programme PhD
Topic Quantitative assessment of quality of life in ischaemic and valvular heart disease
Supervisors Sean Coffey (Medicine), Gillian Whalley (Medicine)

Aysu Shahin
Programme PhD
Topic Metabolites in plasma and urine as objective markers of dietary intakes
Supervisors Andrew Reynolds (Medicine), Jim Mann (Medicine), Alastair Ross (External)

Margaretha Situmorang
Programme PhD
Topic Associations between Availability of Food Outlets and Dietary Behaviours among Adolescents Using Different Modes of Transport to School
Supervisors Kirsten Coppell (Medicine), Sandra Mandic, Michael Keall (OUW – Public Health), Melody Smith (UoA)

Danielle Sword
Programme PhD
TopicKo te hōkaitanga o te rongoā mate pukupuku a CAR T-cell - Enhancing the applicability of CAR T-cell therapy in Aotearoa
Supervisors Dr Justine Camp (Medicine), Dr Robert Weinkove (External), Dr Rachel Perret (External), Dr Amohia Boulton (External)

Shay-Ruby Wickham
Programme PhD
Topic How do different health behaviours influence mood and wellbeing in youth?
Supervisors Rachael Taylor (Medicine), Tamlin Conner (Psychology), Jill Haszard (Biostatistics)

Jia Yap
Programme PhD
Topic Effects of Mediterranean diet and physical activity on IBD patients in Otago, New Zealand
Supervisors Michael Schultz (Medicine), Catherine Wall (UOC – Medicine), Ella Iosua (Biostatistics), Kim Meredith-Jones (Medicine), Hamish Osborne (Medicine)

Masters', Honours and Postgraduate Diploma students

Emma Brown
Programme BMedSc(Hons)
Topic Neurology: Alzheimer's Disease and related dementia
Supervisors Sarah Buchanan (Medicine), Nicholas Cutfield (Medicine)

Bailey Lacey-Rameka
Programme BMedSc(Hons)
Topic Debunking the body mass index myth
Supervisors Luke Wilson (Medicine), Hamish Osborne (Medicine), Gillian Whalley (Medicine)

Victoria (Tori) Booth
Programme MMedSc
Topic Footwear and Falls in Older Persons Study
Supervisors Xaviour Walker (Medicine), Gisela Sole (Physiotherapy), Debra Waters (Medicine), Lara Vlietstra (Medicine)

Jessica Tater
Programme BMedSc(Hons)
Topic Continuous glucose monitoring: a novel strategy to enhance adherence to time-restricted eating
Supervisors Melyssa Roy (Medicine), Rachael Taylor (Medicine)

Moaz Ahmed M Akshaikhi
Programme MOphth
Topic Implementing Artificial Intelligence-based Primary Screening System for Diabetic Retinopathy in a Regional area in New Zealand: Real-world Evaluation
Supervisors Kelechi Ogbuehi (Medicine), David Squirrell, Ehsan Vaghefi, John Ah-Chan

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