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Tuesday 31 October 2017 3:22pm

Proudly supporting research excellence in the Dunedin School of Medicine

This year 10 researchers were awarded funding of under $25000 each from the Dean's Bequest Round. The projects all have a 12 month duration and commence on 1 January 2018. Project proposals are assessed on a number of criteria including:

  1. The feasibility and quality of the research idea and design of the study
  2. The extent to which the application represents the development of a research theme, idea, or hypothesis that has potential for growth and funding by external organisations
  3. The degree of alignment with national health research priorities as outlined by HRC, MBIE, and National Science Challenges

Successful applicants for 2018 are:

Dr Heather Cunliffe Department of Pathology
Validation of a genetic determinant of early onset ovarian cancer

Dr Nicolas Fleming Department of Pathology
The final piece of the mTOR puzzle may help improve cancer therapy

Associate Professor Merilyn HibmaDepartment of Pathology
Investigating a novel role for Langerhans cells in the suppression of wound healing

Dr Brett Maclennan Department of Preventive and Social Medicine
Market and political strategy in the development of new reduced-alcohol and high-alcohol products: Development research for an HRC Project Grant Proposal

Dr Louise Marsh Department of Preventive and Social Medicine
How will tobacco retailers in New Zealand respond to new legislation allowing the sale and promotion of electronic nicotine delivery systems?

Dr Sue McAllister Department of Preventive and Social Medicine
Engagement with care and treatment effectiveness among people diagnosed with HIV in New Zealand

Associate Professor Patricia Priest Department of Preventive and Social Medicine
Are residential aged care facilities important in the rise and spread of antibiotic resistance in hospital and the community? A feasibility study

Dr Lauralie Richard Department of General Practice and Rural Health
Delivering primary health care to refugees in New Zealand's Southern Health District: A literature synthesis and qualitative study

Dr Ben Wheeler Department of Women's and Children's Health
Managing diabetes in a "flash": A mixed-methods study exploring a novel glucose monitoring system among adolescents with poorly controlled type 1 diabetes

Associate Professor Sarah Young Department of Pathology
Immunotherapy for colorectal cancer—Exploiting patient-derived cancer cells to stimulate anti-cancer immunity

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