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Postgraduate students

PhD candidates

Haider Al-DarrajiHaider Al-Darraji

Comprehensive active tuberculosis case finding amongst HIV infected inmates upon entry into a Malaysian prison.
Supervisors: Professor Philip Hill, Associate Professor Katrina Sharples (Medicine)

Lika AprianiLika Apriani

Latent tuberculosis infection among Indonesian health care workers.
Supervisors: Professor Philip Hill, Dr Sue McAllister, Associate Professor Katrina Sharples (Medicine)

Sarah Donald

Prescription medicine use in pregnancy.
Supervisors: Dr Lianne Parkin, Dr Simon Horsburgh, Associate Professor Katrina Sharples (Medicine).

Rosee Hodgson

Shaping cities for youth: Transport and urban planning to improve young people's access to education, employment, and training.
Supervisors: Professor Jennie Connor, Dr Alex Macmillan, Associate Professor Tony Moore (Surveying), Christina McKerchar (Advisor, Population Health UOC)

Ms Win Thandar Oo

Role of Leptospira infection in severe febrile illness
Supervisors: Professor John Crump, Wah Win Htike, Dr James Ussher and Professor David Murdoch

Michael MazeMike Maze

The impact and social ecology of leptospirosis in northern Tanzania.
Supervisors: Professor John Crump, Associate Professor Katrina Sharples (Medicine).

Tin Ohn MyatTin Ohn Myat

Bacterial infections in Yangon, Myanmar.
Supervisors: Professor John Crump, Dr David Murdoch, Wah Win Htike

Tony Zhang

Phenotypes of lung function and its growth and decline: A longitudinal analysis
Supervisors: Professor Bob Hancox, Andrew Gray

Faumuina Tai SopoagaTai Sopoaga

Pacific students’ health, wellbeing and success in higher education.
Supervisors: Dr Jacques van der Meer (College of Education), Dr Richard Egan, Professor Tim Wilkinson (Medicine, University of Otago, Christchurch)

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Masters' students

Kay Berryman

Motivational interviewing as an oral health intervention for early childhood caries utilising a Kaupapa Maori methodology.
Supervisors: Professor John Broughton, Dr Richard Egan

Shawnee BrauschShawnee Brausch

Research project: To explore the stories of young Māori wāhine (women) and their relationships with alcohol.
Supervisors: Dr Emma Wyeth and Dr Richard Egan

Meredith Burgess

Abortions over the lifecourse – Incidence, reasons, and regrets.
Supervisors: Associate Professor Nigel Dickson, Professor Jennie Connor

Judy Clarke

A study of health capability in a group of female health care assistants working in the aged-care residential sector.
Supervisors: Dr Trudy Sullivan, Dr Richard Egan

Acelini HakopaAcelini Hakopa

Identifying barriers to mental health services utilisation among Pacific peoples.
Supervisors: Dr Rose Richards Hessell, Jesse Kokaua (PIRSSU)

Sarah HarrisonSarah Harrison

Framing the health implications and opportunities of climate change in New Zealand’s online media.
Supervisor: Dr Alex Macmillan, Dr Chris Rudd (Politics)

Hai Sue Kanghai sue 2

Socioeconomic risk factors for childhood pneumonia in Basse, rural The Gambia.
Supervisors: Professor Philip Hill, Associate Professor John Dockerty, Grant Mackenzies

Sarah Michell

A participatory system dynamics ecohealth approach to antimicrobial resistance in New Zealand
Supervisors: Professor Philip Hill, Associate Professor John Dockerty, Grant Mackenzies

Elizabeth Peterson

Health-related quality of life and disability outcomes for older people with chronic kidney disease.
Supervisors: Professor Sarah Derrett, Dr Emma Wyeth, Dr Ariyapala Samaranayaka, and Professor Rob Walker (Medicine)

Sarah Wood

New Zealand health promotion planning and evaluation: A qualitative study.
Supervisors: Dr Richard Egan, Dr Rose Richards Hessell

Beau Xu

Investigating the cascade of care analysis for drug resistant tuberculosis using systematic reviews and original cohort data collection in Bandung, Indonesia
Supervisors: Professor Philip Hill, A.P. Katrina Sharples

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Bachelor of Medical Science with Honours students

Mary Cane Demecillo

Mary Cane Demecillo

Otago medical students' perspectives on spirituality and its role in healthcare.

Supervisors: Dr Richard Egan and Hamish Wilson