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PhD candidates

Sarah Donald

Prescription medicine use in pregnancy

Supervisors: Lianne Parkin, Simon Horsburgh, Katrina Sharples


Magdalen Harris

Community-based research on the relationships between tertiary education, military identity, and mental wellbeing for kiwi veterans transitioning to civilian life.

Supervisors: David McBride, Ben Wadham, Karl Hamner


Lis Heath

Preparing for palliative care: New Zealand medical and nursing graduates' preparation, self-efficacy and attitudes towards providing palliative and end of life care

Supervisors: Richard Egan, Jean Ross, Ella Iosua, Rob Walker


Rosee Hodgson

Shaping cities for youth: Transport and urban planning to improve young people's access to education, employment, and training

Supervisors: Alex Macmillan, Tony Moore, Lee Thompson


Nan Hu

Reduced-salt bread: Consumer perception and effect on blood pressure and serum electrolytes.

Supervisors: Rachael McLean, Indrawati Oey


Salina Iupati

Models of Effective Community Based Specialist Palliative Care (SPC) Services delivery, international experience and the current landscape in New Zealand. Proposed model(s) to meet future demand, perspectives of SPC services

Supervisors: Richard Egan, James Stanley, Rod MacLeod


Minako Kataoka

New Zealand oral health professionals and nutrition care: needs, competence and barriers

Supervisors: Rachael McLean, Lee Adam and Lauren Ball


Sajeeka Kurukula

Developing Risk Prediction Models using Machine Learning Approach

Supervisors: Jimmy Zeng, Robin Turner


Bible Lee

Integration transmission of health behaviours: The Next Generation Study, Dunedin, New Zealand

Supervisors: Bob Hancox, Andrew Gray


Godfred Otchere

Public-Private Partnership for Universal Health Coverage in Ghana

Supervisors: Robin Gauld, Trudy Sullivan, Erin Penno, and Adam Fusheini


Aiggan Tamene Kitila

Building an earthquake resilient nation: the role of workplaces

Supervisors: Rebbecca Lilley and Caroline Orchiston


Masters' students

Jacinta Aldridge

A qualitative research study exploring New Zealand women's views and experiences of medicine use and safety during pregnancy.

Supervisors: Lianne Parkin, Karyn Maclennan, Sarah Donald


Ranui Baillie

Short and long-term health effects of the 2015 South Dunedin flooding event

Supervisors: Alex Macmillan, Patricia Priest and Claire Cameron


Alex Hedley

The role of fatigue in work-related fatal road traffic injuries among heavy-vehicle operators in New Zealand, 2005 – 2014

Supervisors: Rebbecca Lilley, Gabrielle Davie


Jodie Worthington

The COVID-19 Infodemic in Aotearoa New Zealand: How is COVID-19 Misinformation Present on Twitter?

Supervisors: Jude Sligo, Christopher Rudd


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