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Successful suicide prevention requires a multi-level strategy due to the complex nature of individual and population level risk factors associated with suicide. Our programme of study examines different aspects of suicide prevention including:

  • Establishing the utility of reducing suicide by restricting access to lethal means of suicide in Aotearoa/New Zealand
  • Understanding pathways to help-seeking among young people who have harmed themselves and what predicts engagement with helping services
  • Contributing to systematic reviews of the literature on best practice for postvention and prevention activities in schools
  • The suicidal process among young people who have been involved in an RCT for treatment of suicidal behaviour including motives and reasons for self-harm
  • Examining the utility of psychometric measures for self-harm among adolescents
  • Establishing the epidemiology of self-harm in Aoteroa/New Zealand to better inform prevention activities at a local and national level including Coronial verdicts
  • Enhancing understanding of suicidal behaviours among older people in Aotearoa/New Zealand (with Associate Professor Yoram Barak)

Key researchers

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