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Orthopaedic Surgery

Advanced Learning in Medicine (ALM) teaching is part of the Musculoskeletal and Emergency Management Module in fifth year, and is clinically-orientated and case/problem-based, with an emphasis on small group learning.

Anaesthesia and Intensive Care

The following program is applicable to fifth year medical students:

  • Operating theatre session (clinical, taking part in anaesthesia)
  • ICU session (clinical, ward rounds and case studies)
  • What is anaesthesia? (tutorial, a look at anaesthesia techniques and drugs)
  • Perioperative fluid management (tutorial, issues in fluid management)
  • Perioperative emergencies (tutorial, postoperative non-surgical problems)
  • Pain relief during labour (tutorial, measures to control pain during birth)
  • Advanced airway management (skills lab, training on manikin)
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (skills lab, training on manikin)
  • Emergency procedures (laboratory, demonstration of resuscitation skills)
  • Chronic pain management (tutorial, broad outline on pain management)
  • Mechanical ventilation (tutorial, issues of artificial ventilation)
  • Fluid resuscitation in emergency (tutorial, choice of fluids for resuscitation)
  • Cannulation techniques (skills laboratory training and certification)

Current students can visit Moodle for further course details

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