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Curriculum Insights and Progress Study

Commencing in 2023, the Curriculum Insights and Progress Study comprises:

  • A study measuring progress across all learning areas of the New Zealand Curriculum, across a four-year cycle. This school visit component of the study provides a rich understanding of student progress at Year 3, Year 6 and Year 8.
  • A study which measures progress in literacy and numeracy at the cohort level.
  • A Research Panel of Schools, broadly representative of schools in New Zealand. These schools  provide timely information on specific curriculum implementation issues and support the development of research tools.

The new study will give effect to Te Tiriti o Waitangi, including:

  • Reflecting tikanga Māori and te ao Māori in plans, policies, and ways of working
  • Māori tauiwi partnership in leadership and team structures
  • A focus on achieving equitable outcomes for Māori students
  • Mātauranga Māori embedded throughout the study design

The suite of reports and resources arising from the study will focus on factors that impact on progress and achievement and be designed to provide insights that can be used to support system improvement.

National Monitoring Study of Student Achievement  (NMSSA)

NMSSA takes a robust, innovative appproach to assessing and understanding student achievement across the learning areas of the New Zealand curriculum at primary school level,  in order to identify and report:

  • National picture of achievement at Year 4 and Year 8
  • Trends in educational performance
  • Factors that influence student achievement

NMSSA reports are available on the NMSSA website. For each learning area, reports include:

  • Key Findings report (achievement and contextual findings)
  • Insights for Teachers report
  • Summary report
  • Technical report
  • Interactive data window

National Educational Monitoring Project (NEMP)

Reports from the NEMP project (1995–2010) are available on the NEMP website.

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