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Murat UngorTel: 64 3 479 8134
Room 526, 5th Floor, Otago Business School

Murat's research and teaching are mainly focused on the area of international macroeconomics and trade, with an interest in growth and development. His recent work has been centred on the analysis of China's structural transformation and economic growth performance, with a view to a) establishing the role that trade and other liberalization policies made in this process, and b) assessing the impact that China's development and openness have had on the de-industrialization of the world's mature and developing economies.

His current research investigates the quantitative consequences for the structural transformation of employment and output, and for the optimal pattern of trade in goods and services, in a country experiencing productivity driven economic growth which favours some sectors more than others.

Another avenue of current research is to bring together elements from disparate strands of literature and ask why the process of structural transformation, regarded as an important feature of the development process, has been slow in Africa.

Prior to joining the University of Otago, Murat was a research economist at the Central Bank of Turkey. He holds a PhD in economics from the University of Southern California.

Murat's CV

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Selected publications

Take a look at Murat's selected publications below:

“The Lion on the Move Towards the World Frontier: Catching Up or Remaining Stuck?” Journal of African Economies, 2018, 27(3), 251-273 (with T. M. Harchaoui)

“Productivity Growth and Labor Reallocation: Latin America versus East Asia” Review of Economic Dynamics, 2017, 24, 25-42

“Sectoral Sources of Sub-Saharan Africa's Convergence” Applied Economics Letters, 2016, 23(9), pp. 642-651 (with T. M. Harchaoui)

“Did the Rising Importance of Services Decelerate Overall Productivity Improvement of Turkey during 2002-2007?” Journal of Economic Policy Reform, 2016, 19(3), pp. 238-261

“Some Observations on the Convergence Experience of Turkey” Comparative Economic Studies, 2014, 56(4), pp. 696-719

“Agricultural Productivity and Growth in Turkey” Macroeconomic Dynamics, 2014, 18(5), pp. 998-1017 (with A. Imrohoroglu and S. Imrohoroglu)

“Average Effective Tax Rates on Consumption for Turkey: New Data and a Comparative Analysis” Economics Bulletin, 2014, 34(1), pp. 567-580

“Some Thought Experiments on the Changes in Labor Supply in Turkey” Economic Modelling, 2014, 39, pp. 265-272

“De-agriculturalization as a Result of Productivity Growth in Agriculture” Economics Letters, 2013, 119(2), pp. 141-145

Teaching responsibilities

Preferred areas of research supervision

Murat is especially interested in supervising research students in the following areas

  • Applied theoretical analysis of structural transformation, i.e., the reallocation of economic activity across the broad sectors of agriculture, manufacturing, and services.
  • Accounting for cross-country income differences
  • Structural transformation in open economy settings
  • Explaining sectoral productivity differences across countries


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Harchaoui, T. M., & Üngör, M. (2018). The lion on the move towards the world frontier: Catching up or remaining stuck? Journal of African Economies, 27(3), 251-273. doi: 10.1093/jafeco/ejx029 Journal - Research Article

Üngör, M. (2013). De-agriculturalization as a result of productivity growth in agriculture. Economics Letters, 119(2), 141-145. doi: 10.1016/j.econlet.2013.02.009 Journal - Research Article

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