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Accelerate your degree, or catch up on any required papers

Summer School provides an opportunity to study outside regular semester times. You will be able to complete a full paper over a period of six weeks, with classes starting in early January. A variety of social events are held during this period, to help make your study even more enjoyable.

Take ECON112 Principles of Economics 2 during Summer School in January 2018.

Looking to study ECON112 at Summer School?

Please read the following about studying ECON112 at Summer School:

  • BSNS113 Economics Principles and Policy (or BSNS104) is a prerequisite for ECON112, and needs to be completed by the end of the preceding year
  • ECON112 will cover the same syllabus as its full-semester version, but at a more intensive pace
  • ECON112 is a requirement for students looking to complete a major or minor in Economics (BA or BCom degree)
  • ECON112 is the main prerequisite for almost all ECON200-level papers

Study ECON112 at Summer School in 2018 and you can take ECON200-level papers in Semester 1, 2018 - making it easier for you to quickly pick up a major or minor in Economics.

Take a look at the list of ECON200-level papers available.

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