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Ray Reichenberg.Senior Research Fellow

Tel +64 3 479 4283


Ray is a former primary school teacher whose research focuses on educational measurement, quantitative methods, and digital learning.

In addition to his research, he enjoys teaching courses in quantitative methods and mentoring graduate students on projects which utilize these approaches.

Prior to joining the University of Otago, Ray worked as a postdoctoral scholar at The George Washington University, research faculty at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and as Director of Psychometrics at Southern New Hampshire University.

Research interests

  • Quantitative methods in educational and social science research
  • Educational measurement and latent variable modeling
  • Psychometric considerations for educational games/simulations
  • Online/distance education and learning in digital contexts
  • Socioemotional aspects of learning


Baker, A. L., Forster, D. E., Reichenberg, R. E., Neubauer, C. E., Fitzhugh, S. M., & Krausman, A. (2024). Toward a causal modeling approach for trust-based interventions in human-autonomy teams. In P. Dasgupta, J. Llinas, T. Gillespie, S. Fouse, W. Lawless, R. Mittu & D. Sofge (Eds.), Putting AI in the critical loop: Assured trust and autonomy in human-machine teams. (pp. 61-79). London, UK: Academic Press. doi: 10.1016/B978-0-443-15988-6.00011-X Chapter in Book - Research

Nelson, R. M., Tran, C., Reichenberg, R. E., & Vu, P. (2022). An evaluation of quality of life for former gifted program participants in Vietnam. Gifted & Talented International, 37(2), 97-108. doi: 10.1080/15332276.2022.2049020 Journal - Research Article

Reichenberg, R. E., Levy, R., & Clark, A. (2022). Considerations for fitting dynamic Bayesian networks within latent variables: A Monte Carlo study. Applied Psychological Measurement, 46(2), 116-135. doi: 10.1177/01466216211066609 Journal - Research Article

Corry, M., Dardick, W. R., & Reichenberg, R. E. (2021). An exploratory study of self-efficacy for K-12 online teachers. Quarterly Review of Distance Education, 22(2), 1-13. Journal - Research Article

Rudasill, K. M., Reichenberg, R. E., Eum, J., Barrett, J. S., Joo, Y., Wilson, E., & Sealy, M. (2020). Promoting higher quality teacher-child relationships: The insights intervention in rural schools. International Journal of Environmental Research & Public Health, 17, 9371. doi: 10.3390/ijerph17249371 Journal - Research Article

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