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The purpose of the ENGL 400-level course is to extend and deepen the study of literary history and theory begun at undergraduate level, to provide advanced instruction in the principles of research, and to stimulate a greater degree of intellectual independence in students.

The method of instruction at this level is therefore more intensively interactive than at undergraduate level, with students being required to make regular seminar presentations and to engage in informed dialogue with their teachers and other members of the class.

Download the 400-Level Handbook (PDF)

Students are required to:

To be admitted to an ENGL 400-level paper, a student must normally have studied a foundation paper in the same field at undergraduate level, where it exists, so that teaching may be conducted and learning pursued at an appropriately advanced level.

Information packs for 490 supervision will be available at Reception by early October.

Your signed 490 proposal must be submitted to the Programme by 12 December.

400-level co-ordinator

Shef Rogers, Room 1N7

Papers offered

For the full list of 400-level papers offered by the English Programme, visit the requirements section of the English subject page:

English papers (100–500 level)

The prerequisite for all 400-level ENGL papers is the major subject requirement in English.

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